Zoorasia 【ズーラシア動物園】


It was the third time we visited this zoo, but the first time to visit in winter. It was the pretty cold day, but due to a national holiday, there were many people visited.
As usual, we enjoyed a feeding event at Indian Elephants area near the entrance.


At Paka-Paka field, we can feed horsbes. I tried telling my kids that horses didn’t bite them, but they were a little afraid and couldn’t be close to it. They were trying to reach and so was it.


At the petting area, there were dogs, rabbits, lizards, and even snails. We were freely able to touch all of them. Nerveless to say, my kids couldn’t touch a snail, but snails were very popular and many people crowded around it.


My kids liked a rabit. It was very cute.


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Kodomono-shiro 【こどもの城・渋谷】


We visited Kodomono-shiro in Shibuya for the first time last weekend. This National children’s facility charges the entrance fee for an adult 500yen and children over 3-year-old 400yen, but it is worth paying because there are not only play ground equipments but they also offer children many interactive activities and events.


First, we went to the top floor. They enjoy riding a bicycle.


This is a hand-bike. I had never seen this ride.


Are they stilts?


There is a music hall and children can play the xylophone, a drum, and the piano.


She is trying to make Sumo wrestlers with colored paper.


The Waku Waku Land was the most exciting place for my kids and they played here for almost three hours.


We had an enjoyable time here and want to visit again. However, to be regret, this children facility is going to be closed in March 2015 because the building is getting old.

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Medical team in Nepal 【ネパールへの医療チーム】


It is about my older sister. She is taking days off from work and is going to Nepal as a member of a medical team tomorrow for two weeks. Her husband is now in China due to his job transfer, but I heard that he was coming back to Japan tomorrow to look after their children during her absence from home.

She often goes abroad as a volunteer member of a medical team. She also went to Iwaski-city, Fukushima, to help disaster victims two days after the Great East Japan Earthquake. I really admire her charity activities. I hope she helps many people there and comes back safe.

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Gardening 【園芸】


I enjoy gardening and plant viola and tulip-roots in the garden every winter, and I did it the same this year.


I chose some plants of strawberries, called Rakunari Ichigo which was explained easy to grow, this year so that my kids would be happy to pick up the sweet strawberries grown next spring.


However, I had never planted fruits or vegetables, so I’m not sure what I should do next. Should I feed plants often? Should I cover them with plastic for protection agains cold in winter? I wonder if I should have planted them in a planter.
Hmmm…anyway, I hope we can get some fresh strawberries next spring.

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IKEA Småland 【イケア スモーランド】


It was raining today and we could not go to a zoo which we had planed, so we visited IKEA for shopping and Småland.
Småland called スモーランド in Japanese is a play area where children can feel Swedish forest atmosphere. While children are playing, we can enjoy our shopping. 60 minutes, free of charge. This service is really wonderful. I think Japanese companies should learn from Ikea such a good service.


We arrived at 9:40am, and the ticket number of smaland was already 65. We needed to wait about 30 minutes so we ate hotdogs at a food court at the first floor.

Now, it is the time that my kids can go into the play area.
After going through the front desk, they put their shoes in each pink box.


“See ya in an hour, guys.”
They carried their own shoe box and happily went into the playground.


One hour later, I came to pick up my kids. They seemed that they enjoyed the playground.

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