Trip 【遠足】


My kids went to a school trip today.
I prepared a lunch box full of foods for them before going to work in the morning.


As soon as they came back from preschool, they said, "The food which Mama prepared was very good!"

How cute they are! Thank you for eating up all!

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genre : 育児

Red Mini-bike 【赤いミニバイク】


My kids are always looking forward to play with me every weekend.

On Sunday morning, we went to one of the parks near our house. I was planing to cook something for lunch at home, but my daughters insisted to eat out.

"Well...OK, let's go get some burgers at McDonald's."

After that, we went to the other bigger park and ate foods there. Then, my kids played until they were satisfied.

We went back home in the evening.
My daughters said they still want to go out and use their red mini-bike.

I was tired, then I bestirred myself and went out with them while they were riding the mini-bike.


"Wait! Stop there! Watch out!"
How many times do I have to shout?
They rode the bikes at full speed. It was hard for me to catch up with them.

Kids are really tireless...

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theme : 女の子育児
genre : 育児

Tokyo Disney Sea  【東京ディズニーシー】


We visited the Toky Disney Sea. We used some special weekday discount park tickets, which cost us 5,200yen per adult.

My daugters were so exitied about the experience. We took many rides and also enjoyed as many atractions and shows as possible. The weather was not nice that day and it started raining around noon. There were extremely less visitors than on regular weekends. Because of this, we didn't even need to get Fast-pass tickets, because the longest standby time of the rides taken by us was only 20 minutes.

I was very impressed by the good manners of the staff.

Yes, it was a "Dreamland".


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theme : 東京って名前につくけど千葉にある夢の国
genre : 日記

Total solar eclipse   【金環日食】


On May 21, 2012, we were able to observe a total solar eclipse.
A solar eclipse is a rare natural phenomenon in which the sun disappears partly or fully behind the moon, and it was fully behind the moon this time.

My family and I went out to observe it at 7:25am and looked up to the sky. It was cloudy. Our neighbors gathered around the entrance of our apartment, but unfortunately the sky was covered by clouds in our area.

Maybe next time!
I hope we can observe it the next time on June 1, 2030.

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theme : 日記
genre : 日記

Got them.  【買ったよ!】


Look at her happy face!
I found what my daughter wanted at a shopping center on Sunday.

These pajamas are for a nap at her preschool, but she couldn't wait to wear them.


Needless to say, she slept in those pajamas at the night.
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theme : 女の子育児
genre : 育児

Small zoo 【動物園】


It was a sunny and hot Saturday.
We went to the small zoo near our house. There are not many kinds of animals in the zoo, but we often visit here because there is no addmission fee.

Luckly, a peacook was displaying his beautilful tail. This was the second time to see his tail spread here.


We also heard the peacook calling. I guess it was a rare chance.

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theme : 日記
genre : 日記

Kids Pajamas 【保育園用パジャマ】


One of my daughters said,
"I want mushrooms-printed pajamas for my preschool."

Why mushrooms?

I asked her,
"Mushrooms...,like this?" ↓



"Like this?" ↓


"No, No!"

"How abut this?"↓

"It's mama's chair! Not Like that. Many pretty colorful mushrooms printed on Pajamas."

I see.

I googled and found what she wanted.
"Are you saying something like these?"↓


"Yes, Yes!! I want these!", She shouted and smiled.
And she explained her good friend in the class was wearing these pajamas and she wanted the same ones.

Let's go shopping to get them on the weekend!

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Urin test 【尿検査】


Now, the next is Urine test. This is more familiar.
Urin test 1

Urin tes 2

The following is my translation of the instruction for study.

**Notes of urine sampling ** (also see reverse side)
1. Urinate before going to bed and empty the urinary bladder.
2. For women, clean off with a clean wet towel or wet cotton.
3. Take early-morning urine with this paper cup. Urinate for a short while, and then stop. After stoping, begin to take the necessary urine sample.
4. Press the middle of the plastic bottle using your fingers and put the opening of the bottle into the urine taken, then release the fingers so that the bottle will be filled 80% full by urine.
5. When finished, put the cap on the bottle tightly.
6. Do not take any medicine including vitamin c, or juice the evening of the previous day as this may affect the results of the test.
7. Write the same test number printed on the plastic bag on the label of the plastic bottle.

Threadworm Test  【ぎょう虫検査】


My kids brought back a "Threadworm Test Kit" from their preschool.
I remember doing this test when I was a elementary school student.

threadworm test

threadworm test instructions

I'm going to translate the above instuctions into English for study.

(How to use)
Threadworms come out at night and to lay their eggs around your anus. Therefore, do this test in the morning before wiping or bathing.

1. Test twice with this sticky tape. The first morning, open the cellophane film written 'first day' and press blue part of sticky face several times on to the skin around the anus. Then, replace the cellophane film.
2. In the morning of the second day, open the cellophane film written 'second day', and do the same as the first day.
3. Place the two circle of the tapes together, the first day and the second day, and send it for testing. The eggs of two days are tested at one time.

(Caution)Do not open the film coated with special kind of glue unless using for the test.

threadworm test instruction picture

There are picture instructions.

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Mother's day 【母の日】


It was Mother's day Last Sunday.
My daughters made my face from paper clay at preschool.
They are so cute! Thank you!


But my husband said,"Isn't that a little similar to Jigsaw?"

Yes, "Jigsaw" was in the movie called "SAW"


Do you think so?

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First day of my blog 【はじめまして】


I opened my blog for English study.

I haven't got much time to study English since my daughters were born, but I thought I'm just making excuses to escape from studying:)

I hope this blog motivates me to continue to study English.

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