Japanese Sandals 【ミサトっ子草履】


The article I read the other day, said that kids today have no foot arches and their ability of exercise was decreased.
When I was net-surfing, I found the Japanese sandals, called Misatokko Zori, good for making foot arches, and I ordered them.


My hallux valgus sometimes pains me, so I also ordered mine.

*** By the way, here is good information for whoever wants to buy those Zori for kids more than three sets. If you order directly from the maker, kids Zori are only 1,000yen each pairs. It much cheaper than ordering at Rakuten shops on line even it includes the shipping cost. The price of adult size is betweeen 1100-1250yen. (I heard that this price is until March, 2013.) ***

The sandals are new and the straps are hard, so they haven’t fit in our feet yet, but I think these are more comfortable than tight fitting shoes, and must be useful in summer.

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Cherries 【さくらんぼ】


Every year in this season, my relatives from Yamagata prefecture send cherries called "Sato-Nishiki" which is the most popular and famous variety of Japanese cherries.


I have offered ten pieces each to my kids after meal as dessert every day since we got the cherries. They are always looking forward to having it very much, and every time before a meal they asked me if the cherries were still left. But now, only about 30 pieces are left. I'm sure they will be sad about it.

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Toshiba Science Museum 【東芝科学館】


We visited Toshiba Science Museum.

It was a free entry and offered hands-on experience with the latest technology in the environment and energy fields, social infrastructure, and digital products.

I thought understanding such technology was too difficult foy my kids and they would get bored soon, but my kids surprisingly enjoyed themselves through the real experiences such as charging an electric car and bike, building up static electricity, and so on.

While our staying there, I saw a foreign visitor listening to an interpreter explaining in perfect English. Then, when I passed beside them, the interpreter from Toshiba smiled at me and said with a good manner, "Enjoy our museum!" in Japanese. How talented she was!
I was very impressed by her working as an interpreter in one of Japanese top companies. I wish I could be like that.

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Rainy Day  【雨の日】


Children like rain puddles. They enjoy stepping into puddles if they find some.
Of course, my kids are the same.

After a while, it started raining again, so I helped them wear raincoats. It was the first time for kids to wear these coats, and I realized the coats were too big for them. Their back shots look like "matrioshka" of Russian nesting dolls.


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Toy dogs 【子犬のおもちゃ】


These are some presents my daughters got for their birthday, made of plastic and have wheels at the bottom so that are able to be taken a walk.

toy dogs

Unsurprisingly, they took a walk with them to a park in the neighborhood.
I and the dogs are having a rest under a tree.
My kids are enjoying the slide over there.

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Flat tire 【車のパンク】


After coming back from shopping, my husband looked at our car and shouted in the parking lot,
"The rear tire is falt!"

"What?! Why?!", I replied in suprise.

We rushed to a neighboring car maintenance shop. After checking the tire, a mechanic explained that the rear tire got punctured by a long nail. Fixing the flat tire cost 1500yen and took about 40 minutes totally. Not bad.

While waiting for it to be fixed, my kids enjoyed a kids-playground in this shop. This playground has a ball-pool, an athletic gym, a miniature kitchen set, and many popular picture books. I know they didn't want to leave there yet.


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Happy Birthday  【誕生日】


Happy Birthday to my daughters!


They happily looked at the cake made with the whole family.
After singing a song of "Happy Birthday" in the dark, they blew out the candles, and they really ate the cake with gusto!

I pray for their healthy growth.

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Kid's US Land 【US キッズランド】


This amusement place is fun for kids and also adults.

What I like to do here is sing "Karaoke". My kids always take the microphone from me when I'm singing a song though.


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genre : 育児

Play dough 【小麦粘土】



Doesn't it look like real food?
It was made by 'playdough'.

My kids enjoyed playing with playdough, and after we made it, they displayed it on a table for a few days. It is still soft!

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Long slide 【長い滑り台】


This is the longest slide in my area. My kids like this, so we have visited this park since they were babies.

long slide

I used to slide with them, but now they were familier with this place and are old enough to go up a wooden stairway until the top by themselves, so I'm just watching them from the ground.

One more reason that I don't slide is, this makes my bottom hurt and itchy after sliding. Most of adults feel that discomfort, but I wonder if kids don't feel any pain.

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