Medical team in Nepal 【ネパールへの医療チーム】


It is about my older sister. She is taking days off from work and is going to Nepal as a member of a medical team tomorrow for two weeks. Her husband is now in China due to his job transfer, but I heard that he was coming back to Japan tomorrow to look after their children during her absence from home.

She often goes abroad as a volunteer member of a medical team. She also went to Iwaski-city, Fukushima, to help disaster victims two days after the Great East Japan Earthquake. I really admire her charity activities. I hope she helps many people there and comes back safe.

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Flu Vaccination 【インフルエンザ予防接種】


I was going to take my children to the hospital to get an influenza vaccination of the second time this weekend, but two of them have a cold. Let's take it next week.

It was raining and cold today, so we rented a lot of movies and watched them on the projector which was my husband’s. We relaxed on the couch while eating pop corn, and our children lied down on the mattress in front of the big screen on the wall. It was like a private movie theater.

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Gardening 【園芸】


I enjoy gardening and plant viola and tulip-roots in the garden every winter, and I did it the same this year.


I chose some plants of strawberries, called Rakunari Ichigo which was explained easy to grow, this year so that my kids would be happy to pick up the sweet strawberries grown next spring.


However, I had never planted fruits or vegetables, so I’m not sure what I should do next. Should I feed plants often? Should I cover them with plastic for protection agains cold in winter? I wonder if I should have planted them in a planter.
Hmmm…anyway, I hope we can get some fresh strawberries next spring.

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theme : 日記
genre : 日記

IKEA Småland 【イケア スモーランド】


It was raining today and we could not go to a zoo which we had planed, so we visited IKEA for shopping and Småland.
Småland called スモーランド in Japanese is a play area where children can feel Swedish forest atmosphere. While children are playing, we can enjoy our shopping. 60 minutes, free of charge. This service is really wonderful. I think Japanese companies should learn from Ikea such a good service.


We arrived at 9:40am, and the ticket number of smaland was already 65. We needed to wait about 30 minutes so we ate hotdogs at a food court at the first floor.

Now, it is the time that my kids can go into the play area.
After going through the front desk, they put their shoes in each pink box.


“See ya in an hour, guys.”
They carried their own shoe box and happily went into the playground.


One hour later, I came to pick up my kids. They seemed that they enjoyed the playground.

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theme : 日記
genre : 日記

Having a cold 【風邪】


I had a headache and a sore throat a few days ago, and now I can't stop coughing. The cough medicine I bought at a drug store doesn’t work well.
Fortunately my kids are fine at the moment. I hope they don’t catch my cold.
It is still Thursday morning. I’m waiting for the weekend.

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theme : 日記
genre : 日記

Festival at Fish & Vegetable Market 【市場食鮮まつり】


Last Saturday, we visited a festival at a local fish and vegetable market which was open to the public only that day in a year.
We bought a lot of oranges and persimmons at reasonable price.

A tuna cutting demonstration was held and my kids were in the front and watched it curiously.


There was a booth for that we were able to touch the fish. They enjoyed touching the fish and also octopus.

I had never been to this festival and I didn’t expect it very much when my husband asked me to go there, but it was an enjoyable event even for kids. I want to visit it every year.

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Sweet Potato 【スウィートポテト】



Look at this huge potato! This is one of the potatoes dug which my kids brought back from preschool. There were more than ten, and the biggest one was almost as double size as this potato! All of my kids like sweet potatoes very much and they had eaten the potatoes every breakfast and dinner.
And finally, this is the last one. My kids made sweet potato cakes a few days ago at preschool, so they tried making at home as well.
Looks so yummy! Thanks, kids.


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Cooking Class 【お料理クラス】


As I mentioned in my blog, my kids went to school trip of potato digging, and they are going to have a cooking class to make sweet potatoes with the potatoes dug.
They requested me what color aprons they wanted for their cooking class, so I made aprons for them. It cost only 1,200yen for material. Much cheaper than buying new three aprons.


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Happy Halloween 【ハロウィーン】


We visited a shopping mall in the end of October. The Halloween event was held there, and kids wearing a costume got Halloween treats at the each shop.
My kids were shy and couldn’t say “trick or treat” out loud at the first shop, but they got used to saying it and they had a lot of sweets from many shops. Their bags were full of sweets.


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Chara-ben 【キャラ弁】


Chara-ben is a boxed-lunch decorated by anime or movie characters.
My kids said that last time when they had gone on a school trip in the May, classmates had had Chara-bens, and they envied them.
They were eager to have one for a school trip of potato digging this time, and each one requested their favorite character.
I woke up early morning that day and I made “Kitty-chan” bento for my eldest daughter, “Dora-emon” for my second, and “Pika-chu” for my third.
I heard from a teacher that they looked very happy on lunch time and they importantly ate the face of the character in the end.


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